Daniel W. Kappes - President & CEO

A Mining and Metallurgical Engineer, Dan has been associated with the company since 1972.  He is a recognized authority on precious metals heap leaching and has presented several technical papers on the subject.  In addition to providing engineering, design work, and field construction management on numerous projects, he provides project review and oversight to help ensure that KCA’s work product is of the highest professional caliber.

Horacio Paez - General Manager, KCN

Horacio holds a BS degree in Mining and Metallurgical Engineering and a BS degree in Civil Engineering from the Universidad Autonoma de Chihuahua. Horacio has 20 years of experience in the Mining industry in different levels of projects such exploration, feasibility studies, design, construction, commissioning and operation.  He has worked for KCA for over 12 years, and has been involved in projects in Mexico, South America, Europe and Africa.

Randall A. Pyper- General Manager, KCAA

Randall holds a MS degree in Metallurgical Engineering.  Before joining the KCA staff, he was Chief Metallurgist of the 2500 ton per day agitated leach plant and 3000 ton per day heap leach facility of Carlin Gold Mining Company (Newmont Gold Company).  His earlier professional background includes production and process engineering for PPG industries, Lake Charles, Louisiana, and mining chemicals technical service and development for the Dow Chemical Company at Walnut Creek, California.  Randall has been the General Manager at KCAA since it opened in Perth in 1987.

Terence E. Albert - Laboratory Manager

Terry has a background of extensive laboratory test work experience including flotation testing, gravity concentration, and cyanidation.  As manager of laboratory operations, his primary functions are to oversee the operation of the Reno laboratory, to set up field laboratory projects for client companies and to oversee the process control of field operations

Carl E. Defilippi, QP - Senior Engineer & Project Manager

With KCA since 1988, Carl holds a BS degree in Chemical Engineering, an MS degree in Metallurgical Engineering and is certified as an Environmental Manager for the State of Nevada.  Prior to joining the staff at KCA, Carl was the General Mill Foreman at Newmont Gold Company’s 9000 ton per day CIP mill and was involved in all phases of the start-up of that mill.  He had extensive experience with Newmont as a senior metallurgist at their 2500 ton per day agitated leach plant and 3000 ton per day heap leach facility.  He has also been involved in the management and construction of field heap leach tests in Nevada and South Dakota.  Carl has been the manager for feasibility studies on several projects from which financing was obtained and which eventually went into operation.

Timothy D. Scott, QP - Senior Project Manager

Tim holds a BS degree in Geological Engineering with 35 years of experience.  He was the metallurgical manager for Goldfields Tarkwa gold mine in Ghana for five years. Tim worked in operations at Barrick Goldstrike for over seven years. He is an independent contractor working on selected projects with KCA. He was the assistant project manager for the Los Filos project, the construction manager for the Pinos Altos project, and the project manager at the La India project and Delores Pulp Agglomeration projects. Tim has also completed a number of studies (scoping to feasibility) while working with KCA

John S. Bridegum,Senior Project Manager

John has a BS degree in Geology.  He is project manager for KCA’s carbon adsorption and Merrill-Crowe recovery plants and has been responsible for the detailed engineering, construction, installation, and commissioning of these circuits.  John has worked for KCA for over 26 years, including major projects such as Ocampo, Pinos Altos, Itos, Los Filos, La Colorada, and La India.

Mark Gorman, P.E. - Senior Project Manager

Mark is a Metallurgical and Civil Engineer with over 25 years of experience.  He has been a metallurgist, worked in process operations and been a design engineer.  Mark has experience in precious metals, copper and molybdenum.  Mark is a Registered Professional Engineer in Nevada.

Travis Manning, P.E., QP - Senior Engineer & Project Manager

Travis holds a BS in metallurgical engineering.  Travis is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Utah and Registered Member of SME.  He has over 10 years of experience, most recently 2.5 years for the start-up of the Kensington Gold Mine as Chief Metallurgist for this 1,250 ton/day gold flotation plant.  He co-authored the chapter on Heap Leaching for the SME Mining Engineering Handbook, third edition.  He has experience in all levels of engineering studies, project management and EPCM activities after 7 years with KCA.

Caleb D. Cook, P.E. - Project Manager

A 2010 graduate from the University of Nevada, Reno, Caleb holds a BS in Chemical Engineering.  Caleb and is a licensed Professional Engineer in the state of Nevada. Caleb has been with KCA for more than 8 years where he has worked as a Support Engineer and Project Manager on mining projects all over the world.

Kenji Umeno - Senior Metallurgical Engineer

Kenji holds a Materials Engineering degree along with over fifteen years of experience in the industry.  He has worked at several small, medium and large precious and base metal operations in the US and has performed process engineering duties for several projects at various stages of development while with a Canadian EPCM company.

Pedro Rosales Valenzuela - Senior Engineer & Senior Designer

Pedro has over ten years of experience as a senior designer and draftsman for numerous mining projects and holds a BS degree in civil engineering.  While at KCA, he has provided engineering and design support for various studies and detailed engineering projects including Ocampo and Pinos Altos.

Samir del Real- Metallurgical Engineer

A Mining and Metallurgical Engineer, Samir is fluent in both English and Spanish. While at KCA has been involved with modular equipment fabrication, project feasibility studies, process design and drafting, equipment procurement, construction management, project commissioning and startup, personnel training, and mining operations for KCA’s mine in Guatemala. Major projects where Samir was part of the engineering and field construction teams include Soledad Mine (USA), Dolores Pulp Agglomeration (Mexico), Ivrindi (Turkey), most recently acting as Construction & Commissioning Manager for the Camino Rojo Recovery Plant and Refinery (Mexico).

David A. Kruth- Metallurgical Engineer

Dave received an MSc degree in Metallurgical Engineering from Mackay Institute of Earth Sciences and Engineering and began his career working at the Wharf Mine in South Dakota.  In 2008, he joined KCA and has worked in the laboratory developing metallurgical test programs and conducting laboratory test work, with a focus on high pressure grinding roll (HPGR) comminution flotation testing and cyanide leaching.

Kylee Amador - Metallurgical Engineer

A University of Nevada graduate, Kylee holds a BS degree in Metallurgical Engineering with an emphasis in Mining Engineering from the Mackay School of Mines. Additionally, Kylee also holds a minor in Geology.  Prior to joining KCA, Kylee worked as a laboratory technician for a local metallurgical testing company.  During her 5 years at KCA, Kylee has been directly involved with process design, equipment procurement, fabrication and construction supervision, commissioning, and project start-up. Kylee was part of the engineering, procurement and construction for the following projects: San Agustin Project (Mexico), Sopka Project (Russia), Missouri Cobalt Project (USA), and La Libertad Plantel II Project (Nicaragua).

John Walsh - Mining Engineer

A recent University of Nevada graduate, John holds a BS degree in Mining Engineering with an emphasis in Metallurgical Engineering. While at KCA, John has worked as a lab technician on many lab and research projects including the KCA Carbon Converter and has provided engineering support on various engineering projects.

Nick Valdez - Project Engineer

Nick holds a BS degree in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Nevada, Reno.  His engineering experience includes lab project management, metallurgical test program design and optimization, and process engineering.  Currently, Nick is a project manager for KCA’s research and development program.

Jim Estes - Procurement Manager

Jim is in charge of KCA’s purchasing, shipping and logistics, and has handled all aspects of these activities for over 100 projects located throughout the world.  He is an expert on the sourcing of mining-specific supplies and equipment, and the appropriate methods and shipping companies for moving materials ranging from lightweight parts, to heavy plant components, to hazardous substances.   Many overseas clients purchase US-sourced parts and supplies through KCA because we add this extra level of service.

Claudio Martinez- Metallurgical and Design Engineer

Claudio holds a BS degree in Metallurgical and Civil Engineering and is fluent in both English and Spanish. He has provided engineering services for the mining industry since 2012 and while at KCA has been directly involved with modular equipment fabrication, project feasibility studies, process design and evaluation, equipment procurement, construction management, commissioning, project start-up, personnel training, and mining operations management.

Isaac Lontz- Jr Engineer

Isaac is a student at the University of Nevada, Reno and will graduate with his BS degree in Chemical Engineering in the spring of 2023. Isaac is working towards becoming a professional engineer within the state of Nevada in the years following graduation. While at KCA, Isaac has provided engineering support on a number of engineering projects.

Jetro Hernandez- Jr Engineer

Jetro holds a BS degree in Chemical Engineering. He started as a process engineer in 2015 at TAMBOR, a gold flotation plant in Guatemala owned by KCA. He has also been in charge of the startup, commissioning and personnel training of the KCA Carbon Converter in different countries. He moved to the headquarters of the company in Reno Nevada in 2022 to work as a Jr Engineer and provide support in different projects.

Luke Stokes- Jr Engineer

Luke holds a BS degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Nevada, Reno. He started as a chemical engineer in 2023, at KCA. While at KCA, Luke has worked as a lab technician on many lab and research projects. Luke is currently working on getting his PE license in Chemical Engineering. Before working for KCA Luke worked at the UNR Main Station Field Lab for four years where he helped develop and maintain several different biochemistry projects.

Carmina Garcia- Purchasing Manager/Legal Representative, KCN

Carmina manages KCA and KCNs logistics/procurement for northern Mexico.  Involved with the mining industry since 1992, she has worked with Glamis Gold and Minas de la Alta Pimeria, now Gold Corp providing procurement services to those companies and now leads these efforts for KCA and KCN in Mexico.