Kappes, Cassiday & Associates not only provides clients with accurate testing services and feasibility studies, but KCA is also well equipped to follow up these studies with construction management. This is because at the end of the day we fully expect to provide detailed engineering packages and construction management services based substantially on those initial endeavors.

In the past KCA has provided the Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management services (EPCM Services) for multiple projects, including the 2009 $140 million Pinos Altos, Chihuahua Project owned by Agnico Eagle. This project included infrastructure, a 4,000 tonne/day agitated cyanide leach plant, and a 2,500 tonne/day heap leach and was managed with seven engineers from our Reno office and a Mexican staff of about 30.

In 2006 KCA completed the similar $105 million Ocampo Project of Gammon Gold Inc. KCA provided full EPCM services for a 1,500 tonne/day agitated cyanide leach plant and a 12,000 tonne/day heap leach, and also for extensive infrastructure installations including a water dam and a 20 megawatt power plant.

In 2014 KCA completed the full EPCM of the $107 million La India project which is also owned by Agnico Eagle and includes a 17,000 tonne/day 3 stage crushing circuit and heap leach pad, as well as an Adsorption, Desorption, and Recovery Plant with a Refinery capable of processing roughly 1,300 cubic meters of solution per hour.

In 2017 KCA completed the full EPCM of the $53 million Dolores Pulp Agglomeration project for Pan American Silver. The project consisted of a 5,600 mtpd crushing, rod mill, vertimill, filtration and agglomeration plant, that complimented an existing heap leach operation.

In addition, KCA has also managed complex metallurgical development projects including the following:

  • Itos, Bolivia was the world’s only primary production plant for chloride leaching of silver. As owners/managers, KCA produced 2,000,000 ounces of silver over a two-year period. Details of this project can be seen at
  • Berenguela, Peru, was a complex copper-silver-manganese project which KCA purchased from the Peruvian government. Prior to KCA’s involvement, the project was regarded as un-economic. KCA successfully developed a novel flowsheet to treat these ores, then sold the project to Silver Standard Resources.


If you would like to know more, you may find many of the additional projects that we have been involved with on our PROJECTS Page.