KCA fabricates three smelting furnaces the Model 225T (23kg* gold concentrate single charge capacity), Model 430T (45kg* gold concentrate single charge capacity) and Model 800T (84kg* gold concentrate single charge capacity).

*Capacities were calculated at 30% charged by crucible volume, assuming a 2:1 flux ratio and predominantly gold concentrate

The furnaces we provide can be fed multiple times and depending on the flux ratio, flux composition, and precious metal concentrate composition you may be able to increase the output significantly. The furnaces can be fuel oil, propane or natural gas fired. KCA is always happy to provide budgetary pricing complete with common optional equipment items associated with these furnaces. Due to the size of our largest furnace, the hydraulic pouring mechanism is not optional with the Model 800T

Typical Optional Equipment Includes:

  • Cascade Mold System and Mold Cart

  • Mold Table

  • Off-Gas Scrubbing System

  • Bag-House

  • Dust Collector

  • Fans, Ducting and/or Hoods

  • Fuel Tank(s) – If Applicable

  • Hydraulic Tilt Mechanism – Optional w/ Model 225T/430T

KCA also fabricates off-gas scrubbing systems to meet the needs of your operation even if you do not have a KCA fabricated furnace. For additional information in regards to our off-gas scrubbing systems or smelting furnaces please contact us here.

KCA will guarantee equipment items for the cost of the items only (shipping costs of replacement items are included) for a period of 6 months after completion of commissioning or 12 months after shipping, whichever comes first.  Equipment items are warranted against failure of components as a result of faulty components or construction. 

KCA’s Model #430T furnace

KCA builds three standard sizes of tilting crucible furnaces and can provide matched hoods and wet scrubbing systems