Kappes, Cassiday & Associates (KCA) has built numerous modular and permanent laboratories for projects in Canada, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Turkey, Guatemala, and various states across the United States. Modular laboratories in shipping containers are ideal for short term use and/or remote access. On the other hand, permanent laboratories built on-site are ideal for long term use and provides ample space for ease of operation.

KCA provides laboratories that are engineered and designed to meet each mine site’s needs. After all of the equipment is installed and commissioned, training of laboratory personnel will be done by an upper level KCA laboratory staff member.

Laboratories, whether modular or permanent, will include:

  • Laboratory Design & Engineering
  • Laboratory Equipment Supply
  • Laboratory Construction
  • Laboratory Personnel Training​
  • Safety Program
  • Quality Control and Analysis Programs​
  • Development of Laboratory Procedures

Laboratories are critical to any operation. Whether they are in the early stages of exploration, later stages of production or even final stages of project reclamation, KCA can meet your on-site needs. KCA works with the client to establish testing programs, design/construct their lab, train their technicians, and set up short-term or long-term quality control programs​.

Internal view of a permanent laboratory that KCA designed and fabricated for the Missouri Cobalt Project.
External view of a permanent laboratory that KCA designed and fabricated for the Missouri Cobalt Project

External view of a modular laboratory that KCA designed and fabricated for Bolkardag in Turkey.


KCA works with clients to design a laboratory that meets all of their needs. This laboratory might be a permanent structure to be constructed on-site or a prefabricated modular laboratory produced in KCA’s facilities and shipped to site.

​Permanent structures are designed and constructed under KCA. These facilities are closely designed around the test-work that the laboratory is designed to provide.

Modular Laboratories can come in a number of sizes and configurations. Generally built in overseas shipping containers, they can be shipped to any part of the globe.

​A standard modular configuration would include three 20-foot containers: sample preparation, fire assay, and wet/metallurgy. A laboratory of this size, three containers, could be expected to assay 100-150 samples per day. A similar configuration with 40-foot containers could expect double the production rate.


KCA offers a variety of training programs which are accessible to all levels of laboratory technicians, supervisors and managers. These training programs include:

  • Atomic Absorption (AA)
  • Inductively Coupled Plasma – Mass Spectrometry (ICP)
  • LECO Analysis
  • Column Test
  • Bottle Roll
  • Cyanide Speciation (WAD CN)
  • Acid Digestion
  • Cyanide Shake Tests
  • Fire Assay
  • Sample Preparation (Crushing, Pulverizing, etc.)
  • Environmental Testing
  • Data Entry/Data Management

Quality Control/Analysis

KCA’s operating in-house laboratory located in Reno, Nevada participates in a variety of quality control programs to ensure the production of accurate, realistic results. Thanks to KCA’s laboratory operations knowledge, KCA builds laboratories that are capable of the same level of accuracy and performance