KCA manufactures a wide variety and type of electrolytic cells for special metals recovery. The largest electrolytic cell KCA fabricates is the KCA Model EC-420-SS which has a flow capacity of 88 gpm and a nominal volumetric capacity of 170 cubic feet. The Model EC-420-SS is KCA’s largest stainless steel cell with stainless steel baskets for holding stainless steel wool electrowinning pads. The cell anodes are configured as an extended flow path type cell. On the extended flow path type cells, the anodes must be removed from the cell to completely clean the cell.

KCA offers multiple cathode and anode configurations to best fit the clients needs. Additionally, KCA offers different cathode styles in various different materials.

KCA’s electrolytic cells come complete with the following components:​

  • Stainless-steel or polypropylene tank for the holding of the anodes and cathodes​

  • Sludging style cell complete with electrowinning mesh

  • Rubber lining for stainless-steel tank construction e-cells

  • Inlet/Outlet drainage fittings

  • Solid copper bus bars for anode and cathode service

  • Preassembled cathodes with cathode bars and associated hardware

  • Hinged hood with lift handles for ease of use

  • Rectifier(s) and associated controls

  • Stainless-steel exhaust fan complete with manual dampeners

  • E-cell pressure washer

  • Stainless-steel e-cell support frame

KCA’s stainless-steel electrolytic cell is shown below in the gold room at the Ivrindi Mine in Turkey.


KCA’s polypropylene electrolytic cells shown below in the gold room at the Hog Ranch Mine, Nevada shown with a KCA smelting furnace.